Selecting Your Path

Toastmasters International made a very conscious decision to update (from its 1974 manuals) and innovate a new educational journey. It is called PATHWAYS.

With Pathways, you have a choice of projects that will help you accomplish your short-term personal or professional goal(s).

To help you choose which of the 10 available paths, Toastmasters worked diligently with a research institute to develop an “assessment” that will reveal, after about 15 questions, two or three paths they recommend for you.

Once you are able to login to

Follow these steps to take the Assessment.

Select Pathways, right after About in the upper 1/3 of the screen.Assessment2

From the pop-down menu, select Take the assessment.

It is highly recommended that you choose Base Camp. Even though you’ll see a $20 fee, if you are brand new to Toastmasters, your first path is FREEAssessment4

Printed materials are available, and I don’t recommend it. However, if you are considering this option, please contact me before doing so.Assessment5

Click on Take Your Assessment.

Select your assessment language, and click Start.Assessment6

Truthfully, with introspection, answer the 15 or so questions (within 30 uninterrupted minutes).Assessment7

When all the questions have been answered, you’ll be presented with 2-3 suggested Paths.Assessment8Note: 97% of participants have found that the path they thought would fit them best was also the Best Match suggested by the Assessment!

However, you are not forced to select that path. In fact, if you’re selecting your first path, I highly recommend that you DO NOT select Effective Coaching, Innovative Planning or Persuasive Influence. These three paths have a VERY difficult project in Level 5, “High-Performance Leadership.”

My recommendation for new members who want to focus on giving speeches: VISIONARY COMMUNICATION.

However, if you want a sneak peek into each path and their projects, check out the Pathways Paths and Projects Catalog.

Here you’ll be able to look into each of the 10 paths and what required, and elective projects you’ll be challenged to complete.

Once you’ve selected a Path, log out and pour yourself a cup of coffee.

Now, it’s time to get started with your first speech — the Ice Breaker!

Next post — how to access your Base Camp and get started.

Can’t wait? Download the LEVEL

Open up the Ice Breaker.pdf file and begin reading. You’ll also find a great video link right after the front cover.

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